Hardline Whey 3Matrix


  • Ultra premium protein: Hardline Whey 3Matrix is ​​one of the most successful Whey protein products.
  • Pre & Post Workout: It has 3Matrix whey proteins, which contains Hydrolyzed, Isolated and Concentrated Whey protein which is a suitable for pre and post workout training.
  • Fast absorbing whey peptides: Hydrolyzed and Isolated Whey protein content has the fastest absorption and can help meet the protein needs of muscles faster than normal compared to other protein types.
  • Micro filtered to remove lactose, carbs and fatIt contains world's best whey protein isolate BiPro and peptide form which is a special product formulated with whey protein hydrolysate.
  • No Artificial Sweetener: Contains no additional sugar, carbohydrate or fat and is also Aspartame free.
  • 1 portion (1 part, 30 g) is mixed with a glass (200 ml) of water or low-fat milk (1-2 portions a day)
  • 30 minutes before and immediately after the training.


Product name: Hardline Whey 3Matrix
Net wt: 2300g
Uses: Muscle Growth
Storage mode: Keep in a cool dry place away from light
Ingredients: 3000g Creatine Monohydrate, 5000mg Glutamine, 7900mg BCAA amino acids, Whey protein types: Hydrolyzed, Isolated and Concentrated Whey proteins, 35.3gram Whey.
Approx. delivery:7 - 15 days